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    Weather radar junkies?

    Anybody else addicted to The Weather Channel?

    Earlier this year I got Motorola Moto Q smart phone (Verizon) for work use. It has a tiny but viewable
    screen on it... First ride home, I surfed to The Weather Channel's weather radar map... Joy! Now I have an on-bike first line of defence against the weird and unpredictable weather we have here.

    So now, I can clip it to the waistband of my bike shorts, and if what's up ahead looks kinda dark & stormy, I whip out the Q and press MENU, then UPDATE. New map fills the screen at 270KBps.

    Tell you this... It's made me faster. I get to the lake on my after-work rides, I see that big green-bodied red-eyed monster lurking on the small screen... I rocket on home faster than I ever did back when I had no idea what was out there.

    One caveat: I also get e-mail on this thing. It's tempting to check new messages while I'm out on a deserted stretch of rural two lane blacktop. Every time I try, though, I end up drifting around on the road just like the distracted drivers that we all curse. I've made it a point to log out of OMA before I head home.

    No mail is good mail.

    On a semi-related note: The last time the phone rang, and it was for me, and I was happy to be receiving a call... I was probably 17 years old. These days, phone rings because someone has an emergency, wants to get me to do something I don't want to do, go where I don't want to go, annoy or harass me... So I don't answer the phone after I leave work. Ever.

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    I'll admit I am a junkie too.

    Verizon Vcast phone with "high speed" internet.

    Have accuweather radar as favorite #1.

    I only use it during the summer, as I need to know the weather for my business. During the winter when I am teaching, I have my office computer to tell me about the "big green-bodied red-eyed monster". LOL! I loved that line!

    Got bit by the eye really hard once.

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