I am trying to find a way to combine my two passions in life, cycling and technology for a cheap price. Basically I shattered my arm pretty bad recently in a softball game and I am required to train indoors for a while (since the trainer takes care of the balancing for me). I have a simple CyclOps Mag trainer that does the job. I want a way of transmitting my cadence data (and perceived distance and speed, though it's fairly meaningless on a trainer) to a computer 10 feet away. Mainly because I have a nice big LCD screen that I can monitor my live data and possibly log it.

I know there is a bluetooth sensor called the VeloComputer that is for transmitting data to your phone. I don't see any reason the J2ME app can't be ported to a computer. But there would be mounting issues due to the trainer since it attaches to the same skewer clamp that the trainer attaches to. I am wondering if there are any other gadgets and apps that will do the same thing.

Any help would be much appreciated. Again hoping to keep costs down.

Thank you,

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