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Thread: Computer issues

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    Talking Computer issues

    ok, so I've been dreaming of getting my first computer and being able to work on my speed and all, not to mention to track my miles and all.

    So I picked up a Trek Incite 8i today (wireless) and failed to get it hooked up properly thus far.
    But I did notice that the brackets and all that come with it seem to be pretty crappy (read: cheap plastic screws, etc)

    So I've read alot about lights, but what about computers. What's the best bang for our buck?
    I want the typical stuff I suppose. One feature I sorta liked was the 9i had a temperature reading on it. It gets hot here, so I just thought that would be "neat".

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    Cheap and reliable. I use one on my flat bar and just ordered a second for my drop bar.

    JesseDuncan:I just love how "cars will be forced to cross the double yellow lines on dangerous limited visibility roads".

    I don't want to have a head on but oh god, I HAVE to fling myself into oncoming traffic to pass, theres no alternative!!!

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