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    another diy LED project (need input)

    hello everyone, Happy heating season

    well I just finished up a Home brew LED light and it came out fine. I originaly machined a housing but in the end used a Stainless suger shaker that was a bit larger.

    with help from some of you here I was directed to pilom for circuit ideas and wa la a light was born.

    I used 3 cree Q5 from deal extreme (good thing I ordered 4 as I had a bad one).

    I oringinaly used the voltage doubler circuit for 3 leds as I wanted more light at low speed. the voltage doubler worked ok but on my 3rd ride the light failed , 2 caps were bad.

    so I then re wired the light using the standard circuit with lots of UF to get rid of flicker NOT BAD!

    the first light works fine , lots of light! a bit different from the fancy very tuned german optics I was used to but way more light over a larger area and no more black hole in front of my wheel.

    this next light will be in the same size suger shaker except ill fabricate it much neater /lighter.
    im playing with 2 options

    1) 3 or 4 led ?? with the voltage doubler again

    2) 2 seperate circuits 1 or 2 LED ?for slow speed / group riding, /city riding ,wider beam oval or 15-25 deg.

    the second circuit with 3 or 4 LEds 5-10 deg optics for when on dark unlit backroads or MUP at night....

    Im leaning towards #2 as there is plenty of room in the suger shaker and with 2 seperate circuits I'LL have a back up light.(REDUNDANCY IS GOOD) ID USE A ON OFF ON SWITCH.

    yOUR bRIGHT iDEAS pLEASE!!! What one would you do???

    happy spinning

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