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    Planet Bike Protege owners, does your computer fall out of the bracket?

    My computer is a Protege 8. When I hit a bump it will often slip out enough to not make contact and stop reading the speed, and a couple of times it has fallen out onto the road. Once I had to backtrack for a mile or two looking for it in the grass on the side of a bike path which as you can imagine is frustrating. Is there any way to make it stick in the bracket better?

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    i've got the protege 9. in the 1.5 years i've had it, it has never fallen out of the bracket or had an intermittent connection. i do road commuting but hit quite a few urban bumps along the way. the only glitch i've noticed is that the temp reading occasionally jumps +/- 5 degrees erratically, but this is rarely.

    if you don't routinely remove the computer from the bike, you could zip tie it to the bracket. this may still allow you to slide it to switch functions, without it sliding out.

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