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    Thumbs up Reelight sets + P7

    I thought i'll share this, since other people might have the same interest / questions.

    in short, Reelight are magnetically charged lights, and it works waaaaay better than dynamo charged lights.

    Quote Originally Posted by ks1g
    Quote Originally Posted by GTALuigi
    Quote Originally Posted by ks1g
    Thinking of getting a set of the 100s or 120s for be seen lights on my commute (suburban subdivision streets and bike trail with many road crossings). I already have a set of Dinottes for primary see lights. Would appreciate comments or observations based on your experience with them. (saw your comment in the thread)


    hmm... sorry , but i think you PM the wrong person here.
    I use a pair of P7, so i don't have experience with the Dinnottes
    Apologies for confusion on my part! I meant to ask your opinion of reelights, not Dinottes! (and if you don't have reelights, either, apologies ^2!)

    As for my opinion and review.... what more can i say, they are Great! (but they could be even better)
    If not, i wouldn't have bothered to get 2 sets of them.

    If you do buy, make sure to buy the ones with the EXTENDED brackets, makes installation a million times better.
    Also get the Extended magnets, they work way better for "low profile" Derailleur (the ones that goes very deep almost touch your spokes.)

    They are very bright, no battery, no switch, you roll, and it turns on.
    100% maintenance free.

    it'll be nice if they designed the same thing, but with a power outlet, so people can plug other custom stuff into it. Like powering up the P7s for example.

    the Reelight are great as backup lights, and warning lights for oncoming traffic during day/night time.

    i only use the P7 in complete darkness.

    I always seems to forget to turn on my CatLights TL-LD1000, so the Reelights are great help when that happens, and it's dark at night.

    I originally started with the Green box, label ones, which provides up to 2 minutes of flashing light, when stopped.

    then i learned from their website they also have a Steady set, that remains always ON, which is exactly what i wanted originally, so i ordered though as well.

    and now i have a perfect combination, always on, and blink.

    As for the P7 they are amazing, light weight, and easy to carry. 1 pointing straight to light up sign post hidden in the walkway as usual, then the other a bit lower down facing the road.

    that gives me almost 180 degree coverage to my front vision, up and straight.
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