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    topeak turbo morph pump

    Before ordering the pump, I searched the forums and the
    topeak morph line of pumps were well regarded.
    I wanted a pump with a flexible hose line and the gauge on the
    turbo morph was an interesting added feature.

    When I received the pump in the mail (none of the lbs had the
    pump) I examined the box, the directions and upon loosening
    the hose one of the plastic ears to hold the hose broke off.
    After examining the design, I surmised that the hose clamps
    were inherently weak and subject to breaking off. I called
    topeak and talked to a customer service representative
    with my concerns and suggested that a velcro loop might
    be a solution with more longevity.

    I would like to hear from anyone with similar pumps as to how
    the hose clamp have held up over time? I intend to replace
    the pump with the same model and see how it goes.


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    I have no problems with mine. And, I used to use it a lot.

    Also, I found the gauge surprisingly accurate.

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    I have two morphs, One of which has lasted me almost 10 years. I have needed a part from time to time, mostly bike mounts. Never had a problem with the hose, or clamps. Topeak has always been quick to respond to my needs.

    I would write this one off as the "odd" malfunction. If the same part breaks again in short order, then there may be an issue.

    BTW, All my morphs have the in line gauge. How do you like that top mounted gauge. I sometimes find myself wishing one of mine would fail just so I could get one of those. My eyes aren't what they used to be and a higher up gauge would be a nice thing for me.
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