For the 3rd time now in 3 months, my cycle computer has flipped out. It suddenly pegs my speed at 56.8 (?), the little cycle icon dude is really FLYING (poor fellow) and the fake miles start accruing. Happened twice while riding, occured for 5-10 minutes, then stopped.

Well today, it happened while I was holding the computer in my hand, not anywhere near my bike, which I presumed to be behaving itself down in the basement, an not flinging itself off cliffs at 56.8 mph. Maybe I should check. This is a Filzer db4LW-C.

I would think battery as the culprit, except that I'd think a flailing battery would reset the unit. Oh well, looks like it's time for a new computer. Fortunately, I have tracked 90% of my miles on greenlightride. And the other miles were probably fake anyway from when this thing flips out.