Bought a Garmin Forerunner 405. Took a 22 mile ride on my bike and uploaded that information in to google earth. Route appears fine. Saved that route in to both kml file and kmz. Tried to create a new map in google maps and import that route and for some reason it cuts off after mile 6 or so. Google earth displays it all no problem...I go to sites like (which uses the same KMZ file) and it displays fine. I also opened up the KMZ file in wordpad and it looks intact. I dont know the KML syntax/language but its intuitive enough to know when looking through it that I can see all the data points made its way in to the file re-enforcing that the file is intact.

My only guess is that maybe google maps has a limitation or setting I'm missing on data points imported? Plz help. I really want to use google maps over the other two programs but it's only displaying partial routes.