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    Geonaut Keymaze 700 for Google Earth

    Hey Folks,

    My cycling buddies have a problem.

    They all have standard bike computers but are keen to start using a computer that will allow them to sync their rides with Google Earth, not only to track their work-outs but also, to figure out where they've been.

    We live in Taiwan, and our riding takes us through a mix of some cement single lane track, some pretty obscure gravel farmer roads and some barely visible rice paddy trails.

    I've been using a program called 'Nokia Sports Tracker' on my Nokia 82 and it not only uses the built in GPS to track my rides perfectly (my speeds and distances always match up with my cycle computer) but more importantly, when I get home, I can drag and drop the file its created into Google Earth and see exactly where I've been.

    Perfectly, every time.

    Unfortunately, these guys don't have an N-series phone but are eager to finds something that will sync with Google Earth.

    Recently, I just saw a unit called the GEONAUTE KEYMAZE 700.

    Its available for about 5000 NT (150 USD)

    According to the documentation, its a GPS and also, a heart rate monitor.

    It will also sync with Google Earth.

    Does anybody have experience with this device?

    Its from France so most of the reviews I've seen are in French.

    Almost nothing in English.

    It would be great to hear from someone who might know something about this, or similar items.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I bought one at the weekend and it seems to work fine. The data it collected matched that from my existing cycle computer, including the altitude. I've processed the data with the software it comes with (a bit limited), but you can export to Excel. You can export to Google Earth too very easily. I recommend it.

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    I picked up a Holux 245 for $89.00 USD..Unit has been good so far with the only quirks I've noticed being ..

    It will do 1-3mph while setting on your desk..(Weak Signal)

    If you don't let it catch a SAT before leaving it has a hard time syncing while at full speed..

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