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    I'm bewildered by all the GPS options!

    The more I research GPS units, the more I don't understand. Descriptions of GPS unit features list stuff I would never have imagined, and certainly don't need.

    It seems to me all I want is a unit that shows me where I am on a map. Ideally it would tell me the name of the road I'm on, and show the roads around me (and where I might be going), so I can pick the best one.

    I don't want to have to enter my destination into it; I don't want something telling me directions the whole time, and then freaking out if I make a wrong turn.

    And, of course, I want to use it on a bicycle; so plugging it in to the cigarette lighter is not an option. I would only recharge it every day or so. So if battery life is an issue, as I expect, then I need to be able to turn it on and off.

    Is this something I can expect a basic unit, costing $100 or less, to do?

    Does anyone want to suggest a model I should look at?

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    I'm using a Garmin I3, it's not bike specific but it runs on 2 x AA.

    It's not too expensive new and being a slightly older model there's lots of cheap s/h ones on ebay.

    Screen is an ok size for a bicycle and I think I get about 5 hours on one pair of rechargeable AAs as you have suggested I turn it off when I don't need it.

    I just turn it on and select 'view map' - it does tell you the name of the road you are on and of any side roads displayed.

    I've made some mounts for it and I use it in the car and on motorcycles.

    The mount is a 17mm ball.

    Hope this is of some help.
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