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Old 05-27-09, 04:23 PM   #226
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I personally use a PB Superflash on my seatpack but just added one of these for a little extra added visibility.. I just wrap it around my rear triangle, just above my rear brakes.. Nathan Acid Reflex Snap Band LED Light.. I also use it for running at night, just wraps around my arm.. It uses 2 small watch batteries for the leds..
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Old 05-28-09, 05:36 AM   #227
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Originally Posted by Unknown Cyclist View Post
I've tried P7s and R2s with a few different red filters and the Ultrafire is much brighter.

There's no point it turning your front light into a rear, you don't get much light and you just have to buy another front light.....

It's worth noting that the energy of a photon is proportional to it's frequency (violet can have nearly twice the energy of red), so if you filter out everything but red you are losing more than 80% of the light and only keeping the lower energy part.

The redder the filter the more light it's stopping, so realistically you may only be allowing less than 10% of the light emitted by the P7 through.

Still......if it's a cold night you can warm your hands on it.....

this, and white LEDs are not white to begin with.
most use a blue LED with phosphor coatings to produce red and green which results in a visibly white light.

the higher power violet and blue lights aren't as visible from further away due to the wave length.
green, amber and yellow are quite good for being seen.
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Old 06-17-09, 07:49 AM   #228
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Another for this Ultrafire. I got mine on Monday and installed it. This is blindingly bright, even in daylight. Excellent value, IMO.

How has it been holding up in wet weather for you guys?
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Old 06-17-09, 09:07 AM   #229
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I used mine in a flash flood a couple of weeks ago. Was pretty rad.
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Old 06-17-09, 09:18 AM   #230
Unknown Cyclist
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Originally Posted by Heifzilla View Post
How has it been holding up in wet weather for you guys?
Mine has only been used in moderate rain, but no problems so far.....
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Old 06-19-09, 11:50 AM   #231
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I have been running mine since Feb/March of this year in rain without any problems. portland, oregon rain, so more constant that super heavy.

If you look back at my previous post, I dropped this about 5' while moving on my bike at about 10mph with no ill effect.

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Old 07-03-09, 02:37 AM   #232
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i really want one but i already have a pbsf and figure i should probably save my money.
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