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    Smile ~+~+~Help choosing WF-606a bike Clamp ~+~+~

    I'm looking a decent clamp that fits the 606a. I'm ordering from DE.
    This light will be mounted to a MTB bars if it matters.

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    I've got a 606A and these:

    The 606A fits the Fenix well, but the mount does take up a lot of barspace.

    This one is much too large.

    Pivot pins and centrebolt were rusty, didn't seem well made, I threw it away so can't check the fit.

    My favourite for the 606A is this one:

    Universal Bicycle Mount

    Most of the mounts are too large for the 606A, but this one fits well with a little bit of tape around the torch. Sideways adjust is a little bit slack but can be tightened - it's a self tapping screw, after experimenting and taking it apart a few times I replaced the screw with a nut and bolt.
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    you can attach one with duct tape, plastic tie strap and old inner tube rubber or bar grips for shock absorption - if you don't intend to remove it

    they're not that heavy or hard to retain.

    be sure to pad it somehow - many of the DE lights are built kinda crappy, tolerance-wise - the lightest shock will break circuit momentarily, causing it to shut off or advance mode.

    i doubt the store-bought flashlight holders offer much in the way of shock absorption

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