I'm very excited as I just bought an Edge 305 on Sunday (big sale at Best Buy -- 189 with HRM!). I've taken it for two rides, and compared with my simple speed+cadence computer and separate bottom-of-the-line HRM, I think it's amazing -- not just in terms of the information you get while you're riding, but the incredible ability to analyze your ride afterwards using the free software and MotionBased website. (One big reason I went with Garmin over other models is that it works with Mac -- I didn't see many others that did.) I'm still figuring out all the features -- virtual partner, uploading courses, etc. -- but wanted to hear from current owners of the 305 (or other Garmin models) how they use it to boost their training: which features do you use, how do you put them to the best use, what website(s) do you use, etc?

I've been cycling pretty seriously for a year, and am eager to take it up another notch. My goals are a metric century by May/June, and a full century in September. I'd love to get your thoughts -- thanks!