Bullet Camera Kit: Smooth Bicycle Video

Posted: 01 Apr 2009 06:04 AM PDT


A while back we posted an entry on camera mounts for bicycles. A
reader recently stumbled upon the post and added a comment about his
own experience with an out of box kit by a company called Hobby XCam.
Their site is decidedly combustion engine leaning, so maybe buying one
for a pedal powered bike is a hack in itself.

Jerad wrote up a great entry and you can find it on his blog
JeradWeiner.com and he also posted a great Flickr set. The sample
video on his site is remarkably smooth. Most bike/helmet mount videos
I see are jumpy and I canít watch them for more than a minute or so.
If you are a video honk this might just be the droid you are looking
for. Thanks Jared!

Photo Credit to JeradWeiner.com

Bullet Camera Kit: Smooth Bicycle Video