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Biking 4 Life
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Need Strong Headlight to See the Road!

I'm looking for a strong headlight that will allow me to actually see the road clearly, to avoid obstacles. I would like to spend around $100, and would prefer AA or AAA rechargeable batteries.

What do you have/recommend that would meet my needs?

- Riding 4 Life
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10 Wheels
Galveston County Texas
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I have one. It is a Quality Road Light .
Easy to charge and use.
8 hour run time
Wide road beam

PBSF w Dinotte Test Part Two
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747 Freight Pilot
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You can sometimes catch the Dinotte Pro-series on sale at about a 100 sometimes. But for something AA powered, it's about the best there is.

Also take a look at the Princeton Tec Products. Some of their headlamps come in a Bike version too. Those would also be AA powered. I have a friend that rides long randonees that uses their Corona-Bike. Not enough light for me, but she loves it. I personally use the "EOS-Bike" on my helmet to suppliment my Dinotte.

Another good AA option is the Fenix L2D-Q5. I have one I use at work and it is a good flashlight. Couple that with a two-fish style lockblock and you have a nice bike light. I use it on my bike-friday when I travel and it does work good as a bike light. But I still prefer my Dinotte when at home with my regular bike.

Also check out the Candle Power forums. There are some bike specific threads that you may find of interest.

What constitutes "enough" light is a matter of debate and is a personal preference. No two people seem to ever agree.

Good luck to you
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Slo Spoke Jim
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I just purchased the Dinotte Pro series about 2 weeks ago. It does put out a tremendous amount of light but I am not happy with the run time. Mine has yet to live up to specs ( I run on high 95% of the time). It is my suggestion that you carry backup charged batteries if you are out long at night and have these lights. Yesterday I approached a cyclist that had the Dinotte red tail light and I was not impressed with it at all (It was mid afternoon). I mention this because I am hearing a lot of people suggesting to run lights in the daytime. I am not wanting to start a discussion about daylight lights I am just saying that I was not impressed with the one this gent had on. good luck on your purchase whatever it is.

Bike flyers comment...
What constitutes "enough" light is a matter of debate and is a personal preference. No two people seem to ever agree.

Bike flyer makes a good point about how much light is enough.


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P7 Fanboy
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I recommend a pair of P7 flashlights.

It's too bad they don't have any stickies that would shed more light on this question. :sarcasm:
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well, fenix does offer the TK40, but it's way more than $100.

you're stuck with lower powered LEDs if you stick to AA, unfortunately.
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You could get two of these or the RC N3 ll with twofish holders for less than $60.
This light runs for about 4 hours on two Sanyo 2700 AA batteries.

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Unknown Cyclist
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A P7 torch, batteries and charger will cost you less than $100 and give you more light than anything else at that price.

Why settle for less ?

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