I can get sportracks to communicate with my Edge 305 with no issues. I have a problem though in moving courses onto the Edge. I can make courses using various software sites, but the only way that I can transfer those files to the Edge is by completely resetting the Edge and then downloading from Garmin Training Centre. It is a pain to have to clear the Edge every time I want to transfer a Course to it.

When I connect the Edge to my PC, I can't see it as a separate drive on the My computer Folder so I can't just transfer the file directly onto the edge. Can anyone transfer files that way.

What other software can be used to transfer courses to the Edge if it is plugged into the usb port.

If anyone uses gpsbable, can someone advise the command line to transfer a file from the desktop to the Garmin if it is connected to the USB. Has anyone got any comments on using this software.

I have also heard that mapmyride can be used, but all I can do is save crs files - has anyone been using this and are there any tricks.

I am pretty sure that I have the latest software for both traning centre and the edge.

I want to be able to transfer files for rides up to say six hours long so I need to be able to transfer fairly large files.