I am new to this forum, and in the last couple of days, I have asked plenty of questions from bike to accessories. I am very glad to learn about this forum, and very please with the information I received from everybody here. Thanks.

I come down to a few accessories left in my shopping cart. This time, I am looking for a computer. I have done some search and have known some good one. Personally, I donít need to have navi, so I know Garman is out of the picture. I have seen Sigma 900 and Polar CS600. I am pretty sure both are good, but would want to know what are the other one that I should look into. I might not use all of the functions, but might need basics like speed, miles, distance, heartrate. There might be more, but I am not planning to race. I want a bike computer that can attach to my home computer and analysis my performance. I wondered if I can attach the bike computer to a Mac computer? Thanks