Has anyone used something like this? I bought mine for 30 bucks, and can't complain at all. Came with all the goodies except box of batteries.....what I would like to know, is if there is a better model, that's newer and has all the same functions...And what do you guys think of it.....

Measures altitude from - 1,312 to 30,000 feet
Altimeter vertical speed from - 150 to 150 feet per second
Measures outside temperature and barometric pressure
Illuminated with HiGlo™ electro-luminescent back light
Chronograph stopwatch/ timer up to 99 hours: 59 minutes: 59 seconds range
Wireless chest strap transmits heart rate to accompanying wristwatch
Audio & visual alarm for out of heart rate zone indication
Icons displaying weather forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours
Maximum ascending and descending altitude with total ascending and total descending altitude
Bar graph displaying barometric history
Includes Bicycle computer with wheel speed range of 0 – 100 miles per hour and pedal cadence 0 to 250 rpm
Includes PC software and docking station
Water resistant up to 160 feet
Batteries included: 1 CR2032 (watch); 1 CR2032 (chest strap)/2-CR2032 (handlebar cradle)/2 LR44 (Bicycle meter transmitter)

Oregon Scientific www.oregonscientific.com

The Altimeter Weather Watch sport watch (Model #RP107, MSRP $300) is bundled with PC software and a docking station (RZ910), and computer port linkage (RS232) for downloading information from exercise routines or mounting onto equipment such as bicycle handlebar. It measures altitude and vertical speed (feet per second), while monitoring outside temperature (Fahrenheit) and barometric pressure for current and 12-24-hour weather forecast. With a chronograph stopwatch timer that extends up to just under 100 hours, and a heart rate monitor with wireless chest strap it can be programmed for an audible and visual alarm for your optimal heart rate training zone, as well as altitude alarm warning, daily alarm and three other event alarms (MSRP $200).