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    HRM / Heart Rate Monitor Watch for Women

    I'm looking for a few recommendations for a good heart rate monitor wrist watch that is suitable for women for road cycling. I have a relatively small wrist (~ 2 inches diameter), so a large or bulky watch would not be very comfortable or would be likely to slip. Here are a few features I'm looking for:

    * programmable zones (3 at least, preferably 5)
    * ability to easily toggle between zones (or program durations in advance, though I doubt this feature is available)
    * recording of maximum and average HR
    * audible / visual alarm when outside current target zone
    * chest strap that is comfortable for women
    * interference resistance, as I'm often riding in close proximity to other riders
    * quality and durability

    I already have a cycling computer that gives me speed, cadence, etc., and I carry a phone that has GPS, so I don't need much beyond the features I've listed above. I prefer to have a watch instead of a mount-only unit, but I may be able to compromise if there's a good computer that meets the rest of the requirements.

    On a side note, I browsed around Polar's website and there was a feature that caught my eye: Heart touch, button-free operation of wrist unit. Can someone tell me exactly how this works?

    Thanks for any help
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