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    Are these the same lights?

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    Looks the same BUTTTT...The Planet bike light uses a high intensity "POP" type
    flash every 1 second or so in the top center bulb that really gets you noticed.
    The copy cat, which there is/was one on PBK does not "POP" at all. In order words the copies simple flash constant but do not have that POP flash that gets you noticed.

    Oh yeah the Planet Bikes were on sale for $15 or so on Amazon about a month ago. Buy 2 and get free shipping

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    Just as a follow up, for anyone interested, these ARE in fact essentially the same light in a slightly different package.

    The functionality is the same, the brightness the same, the lens for the superbright LED on top is the same. The Sette actually has two blink/flash patterns plus a solid on, and the PB has one flash pattern and a solid on.

    The batteries were already in the PB when I got it, so I didn't open it to inpsect the insides. But I did open the three Sette's that I got. The silicone gasket comes out of place easily and requires a bit of care to make sure it's installed correctly, but besides that these lights are a good deal. The mounting clip is better on the PBSF, but not $10 better.

    We'll see what kind of longevity comparison there is. I put the PB on my bike, the others will go on the kids' and wife's bikes. I ride a lot more than they do, and on busier roads, so the PB will get much more use.

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