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    Installing bike computer how close?

    I have a recumbent and for some reason the computer tracker thingy is a good 5 mm away like it says it should be. Myabe its the 20 inch wheel or the brand i dont know. I just picked up an old Shogun road bike for around town....and no matter where i put the tracker on the spoke or position the set piece....the best clearance i get is like 1-2 mm lol. I mean is doesnt touch...but is this a problem? if mounted on the spokes farther from it..i belive it would be a little to far away. Anyone else have a tight squeeze like this?

    i did a test ride to my local gym...and it seems to be accurate and not have problems.

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    i asked this in the same thread where i asked about the model of this bike (class forum) they said it should be fine....and if not just move the sensor more towards the front of the fork instead of the inside. If i have any problems i will tyr that...

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