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    Niterider repair experience

    I figured this was worth posting.

    I bought a NR Trinewt a year and a half ago for my 10 mile (each way) year 'round commute.

    I went to plug the light in to the battery after it had sat for awhile, and it told me low battery. So the next week I brought home the charger from work and plugged it in. I go an error code that would not go away, and the battery wouldn't charge.

    I took it to my LBS where I had bought it, and they sent it in to NR. NR looked at it, fixed it, and sent it back. $20 in shipping later, back in business. I'm not sure where this fell under their warranty, but they did not charge me anything.


    A happy customer

    P.S. I had ridden with my old light while it was in the shop. Was REALLY happy to get the better light back!

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    I have one of the older Niterider units that I've sent back a few times over the years for various things. Good service every time. Not necessarily fast, but they get the thing fixed.

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