I've been looking at different GPS units to loan or rent at our bicycle-friendly B&B. I want something easy to use, with a big screen and maybe audio cues, so no having to stop and check frequently. Looked at Garmin Oregon, Legend and Vista hcx models on-line and I am leaning towards the Nuvi 500 and 550 as having a bigger screen and audio cueing.

The most important thing for me will be to pre-load several route maps into the unit and I am hoping to hear from users how easy this is to set up. For example the 550 user manual say enter a start point and an end point and then points along the route. I assume these are names of towns, how about if if an unmarked junction on a country road? Can you scroll the screen and add points of navigation or interest?

Or can you use the touch screen capability of the Oregon series to easily draw a route map? The screen looks a bit small for my liking.

I have made a series of Google route maps, does anyone know if these can be downloaded into the unit? Or can you get hook the unit up to a PC and edit the maps on the big screen.

Thanking anyone who answers this post.