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    Planet Bike 2W Blaze (head)

    Ok guys and gals I need some help here.

    I'd like to know how many of you have the PB Blaze unit? Be it 1/2W, 1W, or 2W. I own the 1/2W and would like to know if any of you own more then one unit or are close to a LBS and own a PB Blaze that you can check something out for me. I would like to know if the HEAD (LED part) unit of the Blaze can be interchangeable with the 1/2 -2W units? The battery housing looks the same and IMHO I think would work an would be cost effective for the company to us the same 1/2W battery housing on the 1W & 2W then make a new design.

    Right now I would like to know if the 1/2W and 2W heads work on either housing. Bonus if someone replying owns a couple of the units.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't but I handled them in the store. (I own the 1/2W) They appear absolutely identical but I didn't try swapping heads. Why would that be useful to you?

    btw: I've been using my 1/2 W as a headlamp until my Magic Shine arrives but it's not cutting it. I think the 2 W might be decent so long as you always have fully charged batteries in it. Meaning if you're thinking of getting the 2W I would encourage you.

    You know what? Call the REI bike dept in Natick, MA. I'll bet that guy will check that out for you! (508) 270-6325
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