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    any Garmin Oregon users - opinions??

    I asked a question a week back about the Dakota but it must be too new for anyone to be using one.. Does anyone have the G. Oregon series and what are there impressions with the unit as being used on a bike..


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    I use the Oregon 400t. Since I live in Singapore, I had to get additional maps but it is nice to have a few community generated maps for garmin and I use them.

    I use it on my bike to do regular rides around town and occasional short tours to Malaysia. Here is a recent ride I did on my NWT with the oregon. You can see I mount it on the stem (first picture).

    The mount is pretty decent with a lock at the end. the stem should be long enough or else the mount will have trouble with fit. The one on the image is a 80mm stem I guess and it fits just nice. it is not a big deal as you can fit the mount elsewhere. The mount is good for me. I sue 2 sets on 2 bikes and it has been pretty trouble free till now (almost a year). Visibility in strong sun is a bit of a problem. I have to shade the display to read under direct sunlight. I seldom consult the map and when I do, it is probably because I want to find my way and I am probably parked under a tree or so. Accuracy is pretty good (my commute goes through downtown Singapore and I can get a reliable fix). Battery life is alright too. I use rechargeable AA cells and they last about 8-10 hrs. I could as well pop in standard batteries if I run out, so that is neat.

    Though not the best solution, I sometimes carry it in my running shorts. It is heavy for running and wouldn't recommend it unless you have a good solution for carrying it. The Nice thing is that the Profiles allows you to switch between different settings quickly for use under different situations.

    Overall, I like the Oregon for cycling. It has replaced my Edge 305 and I don't miss the edge anymore.

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