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Thread: Cateye question

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    Cateye question

    I just bought a Cateye V2c, I really do like it over my other options (iPhone, Garmin 305) due to its ease of use and the way it fits on my bike (centered on the stem).

    My only problem is that it displays in the metric system only. No offense to those on BF who use the metric system, its just that my brain is to small to be dividing by 2.2 (or whatever it is) in the middle of a ride.

    In the manual it says that you need to access the Unit screen and scroll thru that screen. problem is, when i do that it just resets the units, not changes them to MPH/miles. help me please! How do i change this, any ideas/ help would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance.

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    I don't have that particular computer, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the instructions, but I found a quick-start guide on the Cateye website for the V2c. Step #10 describes changing the units between miles and km. Linky to quick-start guide

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