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    Is There A Better charger for MagicShine

    Is there a better charger for the Magic Shine???
    I have two Magic Shines I bought back in Oct 09 form Geo man A few weeks after I got them one of the Chargers got hot and burned out Geo man replaced it
    Ok SO today after a ride I had one light with a red light so I put them on charge for a while
    I just checked them and one is really warm and the one that was replaced is hot as hell
    I know it will crap out soon . Is there a better charger I can get because these seem not to hold up . The batterys seem to hold up ok the run time is good the light out put is great BUT the chargers seems to have so problems
    I can get a 8 volt charger from Radio Shack BUT the magic shine chargers has the lights to show when they are all charged up My guess is when the green liught comes on it stops charging
    Whould a 8 volt charger from Radio Shack over charge the batterys???

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    Weird. I have two magicshine chargers and they're both fine, even when I charge the 8 cell Tenergy pack. They get warm, but not unusually so.
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