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    First impressions of the Kurt Kinetic Power Computer

    It works, and it's one heck of a clever idea.

    That's the good news. The bad is that the execution is not
    great. Everything is done with zip ties. The wiring harness
    is mediocre, the sensors are mediocre. I had to replace the
    wheel magnet with an old one that was larger and stronger.
    The overall impression is a brilliant idea that needs some work
    to get the details right.

    I'd like to see the computer respond faster to input, but that's minor.

    What I would suggest to the company is to replace the harness with something better (or sell just the wireless). The mounting bracket is
    also cheap. The computer itself is large, I would like to be able to buy
    a stem mount bracket.

    Oh, the instructions were on this tiny booklet. They could stand to have the pictures
    full page, and the instructions more detailed and complete.

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    I had to have the LBS install it since the original wire (for the cadence sensor) actually broke. Some of the zip ties were brittle so I think the box just got too warm at some point and time. It wa the first system that the shop did so it took them a while and I brought in my own trainer (KK Rock& Roll) Once everything got connect it was pretty responsive It does offer more features than the Sigma it i replaceing with temp/Altitude and HR.

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