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    Garmin Forrunner 305 and GSC 10 Cadence Sensor

    Has anyone ever ruined their cadence sensor by washing their bike? I think I just did. I washed my bike the other day and now the cadence sensor won't transmit. The sensor picks up the signal of the magnets but my FR305 won't pick up the cadence or speed. I tried to reset the connection between the sensor and the FR305 and I replaced the battery. I really don't see where any water could get into the unit.
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    It should be waterproof. Bikes are going to get stuck in the rain at some point.

    Or it could just be that the battery is weak, and it just so happened that the battery gave out around the same time as the bike wash - making it look like one had something to do with the other when in reality it was just a coincidence.

    Anyhow, I would open the battery cover and look for signs of water intrusion. After finding none - I would get new batteries. Then if it still did not work (or I found water) investigate further (maybe try to dry the thing out using the hair drier) or just plan to get a new speed/cadence sensor.
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