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    wireless computer with compass

    Hey I'm still pretty new and my current road bike (just a cheap Montomgery Ward) has a speedometer cable and it just seems complex and I think a wireless would simply bike maintenance and reduce the chance of failure. I plan on touring one day and would like it to have a compass so I don't stray from my route.

    I dont need much, just
    trip meter

    and cheap!!!

    I saw a Schwinn or Bell at Walmart and it was prolly $10 and it had alot of functions and the accuracy was rater to like .5mph, but I don't know if it was wireless or not or does a wire even matter that much.

    thanks alot

    oh and do these things have low battery lights or do they 'remember' your stats when its time for changing the battery. About how long to the batteries last?
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