My set up: Toro headlight with Red Eye on seat post. Joystick and Red Eye on my helmet. And a PB Super Blinky. It works!!
I ride a Trek hybrid--roads only. Love riding very early AM (0430 +) on old country roads. Talk about owning the night. Yikes! On my 35 mile ride this AM a snake was crossing the road--got frightened by all the lumens and shed its'skin.
Seriously, nice set up. Minimal wires(from Toro to seat post). No battery packs. The Red Eye helmet light plugs into the Joystick. I can ride the roads for 3hrs on medium(Toro)--plenty of light and visibility and with the Joystick on flash and have about 1/2 battery remaining. 160 lumens are generated from the 2 rear Red Eyes. Really lights up behind me.

Daytime riding--or as the sun comes up-- put the Toro to strobe and cars cower. I keep the tail lights on. More enjoyable riding experience.

Steve and James at Exposurelights USA were fun to work with. Great service. 5 Stars.