Built myself a bike, and among the parts I got at a liquidation sale was a wireless Flight Deck setup. I figured I'd use it for a while and see what it's like.

Pros: virtual cadence can be the biggest number on the display if you want; it's quite nice to have the controls built into the shifters; gear indicators are handy, too; no need to have a magnet on your crank (but that's minor anyway).

Cons: no HR, no other data to satisfy the geeks; the spoke magnet and its holder are the biggest I've ever seen (I'm using a stronger, smaller magnet from the Blackburn Neuro I had before); I can't keep the computer if I switch to Sram or Campy; the secondary data numbers are really small; the buttons on the back are nearly impossible to press, making it hard to wake up the computer at the start of a ride; the sensor is hard to mount on my BMC's fork and its sharp leading edge.

Still, I kinda like it. I'd rather know cadence than speed, and the gear display means I don't have to look at the cogs to see if it's time to change chainrings. I'll keep using it at least as long as I don't change the bartape.