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    Basta Pilot dynamo headlights

    Does anyone have experience with the Basta Pilot LED headlight?

    AXA Basta makes a series of dynamo-powered LED headlights, "Basta Pilot", which are being used on several commuter bikes currently available in the USA. They claim to produce "15 Lux" max illumination (not sure where they are measuring) but do not have a watt or lumen rating that I can tell, and I am not sure if the beam is focused or round.

    This light is now used on several commuter-oriented bikes, such as the Breezer Uptown, the REI Novara Transfer, and the Raleigh Detour Deluxe (basically all the bikes I was looking at buying), so the price must be right. Here's one of the places this light is available online for $40:

    I recently ordered 2009 Breezer Uptown 8, which comes with a B&M DLumotec Oval LED headlight powered by a shimano 6V hub dynamo (see and search on the page for "dlumotec oval"). I have the option of getting a discount on returning the headlight and replacing it with another one, so I am interested in the performance of the current Basta Pilot lights compared to the DLumotec, which uses only a 1 watt LED.

    The other alternative would be a Lumotec Lyt (about $50). Unfortunately, Peter White has not put up many details about that light, and it is new for this year.

    I know that a $100 LED headlight (such as the B&M Lumotec IQ Cyo) would be best, but I don't think I need that much light for my urban commute. But I may upgrade in the future, as LED prices come down and efficiency improves.

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    15 lux ain't much better than a halogen bulb. try a b&m iq fly led light which puts out 40 lux, which is very bright & cheaper than the cyo. that's your best bet.....

    i currently use that light & it pierces through the darkert places......

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