I donít know if this will take off or not but I thought Iíd try and start a thread of photos for mounting lights. Light often do not mount where we want them or point in the right direction. Iíve seen some wonderful posts of clever methods to mount lights and thought it would be useful to show these methods in one thread. The hope is that this will give all of use better ideas for how to mount our lights.

Iíll start but I canít say my idea is original. I bought a Magicshine taillight and, since I often ride in a paceline, I didnít want the light mounted up too high. (I find it can be annoying to draft behind someone when they have a high intensity light flashing in my face.). So I bought one of the Paul components Gino mount and put that near the rear hub. The pictures should make this clear.

Paul Component Gino Mount

Where I wanted to mount by rear seat stay

Paul Component's Gino Mount attached

Magicshine Tailight attached