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    Cateye TL-LD560 taillight/reflector photos & comments

    I'm always interested in taillights that incorporate a reflector, because I work at the LBS and some customers only have one good place to mount a light or reflector. So I bought a Cateye LD560 to check out. It claims to have a high-output main emitter plus four smaller LEDs. I was hoping this light would be a much more powerful light than their old light/reflector combo, the LD500.

    There's also an LD570, which has an AUTO setting where it'll turn on if it senses both motion and darkness.

    Yay, new toys!

    The back of the package lists the approximate runtimes. They also have a note stating that it won't be as bright when using 1.2V rechargeable cells, as opposed to 1.5V alkalines. On the flip side, I guess that means 1.7V lithium AAAs would raise the brightness.

    Contents of the package

    The light has a double-lip gasket around the edge.

    Beam pattern compared to a Planet Bike BRT5, which is the only Planet Bike model to incorporate a reflector into the lens. This is in steady-burn mode for general power comparison, with both lights using NiMH rechargeable AAAs. We got a sort of Eye Of Sauron thing going on here.

    Beam pattern compared to a Planet Bike SuperFlash, again in steady-burn mode with NiMH AAAs.

    Since the light's also a reflector, I did a reflectivity test at a range of about 25 meters, with a Fenix L2D on LOW as the light source.

    Control shot showing what you're looking at here

    Direct rear shot

    Short-range shot at a ~45 angle. As expected, the reflective tape handles this really well.

    Here's a quick video of the different modes:

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