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    Your Favorite C battery operated Bike Light.

    I have a decent NiteRider Lithium system. Which is my main light..
    .. So AA battery operated Nite lite is not by main light, but I always take along a c battery light as a back up. In case.. .... Every once in awhile , should I need a light when returning from a late afternoon light, that AA battery light might be my main light; should my time in the dark be for a brief period of time...
    .... Every time, I've bought a Cheapo AA battery light, I've been disappointed how they attach themselves around my handlebars............ Vibration causes them to appear shaky, they constantly seem to loose their grip about the handlbars... .. Sometimes causing them to tumble from then handlebars to the ground. . . Plus, often the clasp does not even fit about the circumference of my bikes ' handlebar.
    In terms of brightness and security, what are your favorite AA battery operated bike lights.
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