For those that have not seen this. Its posted on Geomans web site and might easy peoples minds just a little more-

To Our Valued Geomangear Customers,

Geomangear temporarily has stopped selling Magicshine lightsets due to our concerns regarding the safety, quality, and performance of Magicshine's lithium-ion battery packs sold by Geomangear between July 2009 and November 2010. We have determined that these Magicshine battery packs do not meet Geomangear's high expectations regarding product safety, quality, and performance. We have notified both the manufacturer of Magicshine lightsets and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission that Geomangear intends to voluntarily recall all Magicshine battery packs sold by Geomangear.

We are actively working with the Safety Commission, outside engineering consultants, and a new battery pack supplier to evaluate product recall options for our customers. Geomangear will provide recall information and instructions directly to our affected customers after our final corrective action plan has been approved by the Safety Commission.

If you bought a Magicshine lightset from us between June 2009 and November 2010, please discontinue using your lightset until we are able to provide you with an upgraded replacement battery pack or another recall remedy. Despite our best efforts, this process will take some time, and we ask for your patience. You can rest assured that Geomangear has taken, and will continue to take, appropriate steps to protect the safety of our customers, and we will stand behind our products. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your continued loyalty and support during this unprecedented situation our company is facing.

Common FAQs:
What do I need to do to be included in the recall?
If you are a Geomangear customer you will receive a recall notice by postal mail as soon as we have a replacement battery pack available.

When will you have replacement batteries available?

We are currently working with a new battery manufacturer but we do not have a ETA yet.

What are the issues with the batteries?

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission has specific guidelines that we must follow. At this time, they do not allow us to discuss the battery issues.

What should I do with my battery now?

We recommend that you store them outside in a safe, protected place. Your recall notice will give more information.

I did not purchase my Magicshine light from Geomangear. What do I do?

You should contact the dealer where you purchased your light set. Unfortunately, we can only assist our customers.