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    rechargable LIR2032 batteries in mi ro lights?

    Has anyone used rechagable LIR2032 batteries in either the knog beetle or sigma micro lights? Two rechargable batteries and a charger can be had for under $10.00. The issue is that standard CR2032 non-rechargables are 3.0 volt, whereas the rechargable LIR2032s are 3.6 volt and I don't know if they will harm the diodes. Also, I'm curious to know how long rechargables will last in flashing mode. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    Also, someone had a suggestion to put a second set of these lights around the wheel hubs in addition to the first set on the handlebar and seat tube in order to make your bike more visible to motorists (not quite monkey lights but similar albeit lesser effect for less money and less weight). I live in Chicago and really only need to be seen. Our streetlights are bright enough for me to see the road. Has anyone tried this?

    The beauty of the sigma micro lights is that they can be zip tied onto the bike easily which makes them less prone to theft (as opposed to lights which can be easily removed) and avoids the hassle of having to remove them every time I lock up. That, and they are minimalist so they are not often even noticed by the theives.

    Happy Winter cycling to all!
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