I just installed a Dynmotec-6 bottle dynamo on my front rack, powering a Lumotec IQ Fly also mounted on the rack, my question is: Is there a difference in the location of the dynamo strip on the Nokian Mount & Ground vs. Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires?

I didn't think of checking it out before I mounted the dynamo.
I theoretically could take the front wheel off and put on the SMP, remount the wheel, resolve the issue, remove the wheel, remount the Noian. However, having a front mounted e-assist motor, it is a little more involved than I made it sound above.

The issue is in the Spring, when I reinstall the SMP's, will I have to readjust the height of the contact wheel?

I will most assuredly will know in the Spring.
I was just hoping someone here would know now.