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    The Aero Field Testing Survey


    Anyone remember Chung-on-a-Stick ( The idea was to create a small wind speed and angle sensor that would allow you to compute tire and aero drag parameters with power meter data. Well, the project has turned into a commercial venture called Alphamantis Technologies. We're almost finished our first alpha product cycle, and we're looking to get some feedback about the aero field testing market.

    If you're a coach or power user who's ever computed a Crr or CdA, then we'd like to hear from you. If you'd like to help us by filling out a short survey, we'd sure love you forever! :-)

    The online survey is here:

    The results of the survey are anonymous. If you'd like information about the status of the project, I'd also be happy to answer your questions.


    Andy Froncioni
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