I am trying to pick between one of these 2 options. GoPro is out for me - I dont like the big bulky shape. Both these cameras get pretty good reviews, and the price difference between them is a non-issue for me.

My immediate intended usage is to get some nice video of a tour of the Tibetan Himalayas in July, and later, to get videos of my rides on my road bike.

I'd prefer to mount it on a helmet, although I am not married to that idea.

I had a couple of questions for people who might have experienced one or the other.

1/ The Drift has an LCD screen while the Contour has the lasers. The LCD sounds like a nice option but wouldnt the lasers be easier to use while mounted on the helmet? In other words, for people that have used these cameras - how easy are they to set up properly?

2/ Trying to decide between the 170 vs 135 FOV. I've seen one clip on Youtube showing the same route filmed with both these FOVs, and there I preferred the 170. However, looking at some vids posted here (of separate scenes), the 135 seems better than the 170. Ideally, I'd be nice to see more clips of the same route but with different FOVs. Anyone got links?

3/ Anyone have any other experiences about the differences between these 2 that they'd like to share, or any recommendations?