After looking at the side visibility of the Blinky 7 and comparing it with that from the Superflash and its newer cousin's side visibility of its main LED, I am thinking that as long as there isn't the "too bright" problem then the Blinky 7 is obsolete. Its main selling point is that it's got the side visibility with the diagonally and sideways pointed LEDs, but if the Superflash has side visibility just as good or better even despite the LEDs pointing all backwards, then the Blinky 7 has nothing special anymore. What do you all think? I used to believe that the Blinky 7 and Superflash complemented each other; now I'm not so sure.

Planet Bike itself reports on their website that the Blinky 7 is out-of-stock. Is the writing on the wall for this admittedly good performer in its heyday? Of course, the Blinky 7 is a few dollars cheaper, but there are lots more cheaper lights out there. It's amazing how far lights have come over the past decade or so.