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Thread: For Colleen C

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    For Colleen C

    Have you looked into coated lenses for your many lights. The diffuser coating looks interesting.

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    Interesting, they have all kind of sizes and price ain't bad either.

    I saw they have a 52.1mm X 1.90mm lens. That might (little large by 1 to 2 mm) work on my MG X thrower. I bought spare X Thrower from Shiningbeam when Bryan stop selling the MG Rocket in the SST-50 led. I didn't know if he was planning to retire the thrower also. My Thrower is very bright and it has the white color retention which I like from the LED. A diffused lens might make it a portable single battery flood light in the same class as the MS beam but with a whiter tint. I might play around with it.
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