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    Extra battery power for my TomTom with a mini-USB

    my TomTom uses a miniusb plug. Figures, I have a half dozen chargers
    already, and none of them are like that.

    This is the same plug a PS3 controller uses.

    I was thinking about bringing a battery and plugging it into the TomTom to get
    a little extra life on the bike.

    Old Man Maine

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    One of the best things I have ever bought Satechi iCel 5200 mAh I use it for all my charging needs Phone, Garmin and anything that uses USB cord. It's will charge my phone more than 3 times and will run my GPS for a few days.
    Enough power and amps to drive device and charge at the same time, not just run your device from and external power source.

    And they make little speakers that sound great also if you ever wanted a portable speaker!
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    It may not be fancy but it gets me were I need to go.

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