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    Supernova dynohubs?

    I was checking out the Supernova lights for another thread when I noticed this on their web page:

    They manufacture 2 dynohubs, priced close to EUR200 (comparable to the SON dynohub). This could be interesting, the more expensive Infinity 8 model can be switched off, to "run completely drag free". (yeah, right ) Does this actually mean the dynamo part of the hub can be disengaged when it's not needed? They're also a bit lighter and apparently smaller than the SON.

    Not sure what they mean by claiming their dynamos are "stronger" than competitors - seeing that they're in Germany they probably adhere to the same StVZO regulations as all the other dynohub manufacturers.

    Still, if the build quality and design is consistent with their lights, these should be very good products. I'm definitely going to see if there are any reviews or tests available when I have the time. The products are in pre-order stage.

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    Yes, they look quite intriguing.

    I usually stay one step back from state of the art, to let somebody else find out what the problems are at the bleeding edge and how to fix it. Hope someone will buy one, try it out over the winter, and let the rest of us know how it works. Then if my un-servicable Shimano bearings seize up, I'll know whether it's time to buy a Supernova or a SON.

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