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    Looking For Instructions For Sigma Mirage Set

    If anyone has a link or a copy of the instructions for a Sigma Mirage Set (# BC-1455), I would like to see them.

    I've got the set in a box, and it looks per the photo on the box, that I have all the major parts. I can't get the second light to work though, and I'm a bit confused how to string them together using the cords that came with them.

    I haven't been able to find a link to the instructions online, so if anyone here can help me track them down I would appreciate it.

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    I used to have this light. IIRC you simply use the Y connector on both light heads and then connect the other side to the battery. Have you tried plugging-in both lights individually directly to the battery to make sure they work?

    Anyway, here are the instructions in PDF form, directly from the Sigma website.

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