Saw these at Costco for $14.69 for a pair here in Canada. I got interested as the lights are attached to 'Spider Legs' aka GorillaPod's clone which cost more then $10 a piece around here....even $20 at some places. They look identical. The light is attached to the quick release but I'm curious how the quick release is attached to the light. If it's similar to the way normal GorillaPods are with the screw that goes into Digital Cameras then this is a great buy.

Then I noticed on the package it says it has red strobe function as well. I'm guessing it's the 3 small holes that has some weaker red leds. It also comes with Duracell Batteries.

Thinking about getting it just for the 'legs'

The lights I could throw in the car for emergency lights. I doubt they would be of any use for rear lights or front lights on a bike. Don't think they're bright enough.

Don't want to buy stuff just for the hell of it either....or is that what we do around here?