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    transferring routes from Garmin Connect to other GPS devices

    On my Garmin Edge 205 I have made lots of routes and uploaded them to my account in Garmin Connect. In the detailed page of each route (a/k/a/ activity) there is a menu option called “Send to Device.” I want to transfer my routes to another GPS device, presumably via the “Send to Device” option.

    Is the "Send to Device" option limited to transfers to another Garmin Edge 205 or to any device? If any device, which GPS devices (products) are capable of receiving the transferred routes AND displaying them on a map with arrows to guide the rider through the route, and indicators to show if the rider made a wrong turn? I’m preferring devices that hold more than 10 routes at a time.

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    I've only used the "send to device" once and it just gives you a line to follow. Worked ok on the edge500. You get a message "off course" when you're too far away from the line, or rather when it thinks you are too far away.
    I have no idea if it works for non garmin devices.

    You can use the export function to save as a GPX or TCX file and then upload them to another device.

    You can also probably do this directly from the Garmin Training Center software.

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