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    Avocet 20 computer: new battery, but no legible display

    I posted this in C&V, but I will try here, too.

    I have an Avocet 20 cycling computer. I obtained this computer when I purchased a vintage bike, but I have never seen this individual computer work. I do not know if it was damaged when I got it or not. After searching, I was able to locate the manual here: I purchased a new battery that matches the old one and the number on the Avocet website (386).

    However, I cannot get the display to work with a new battery. A few faint, non-identifiable characters appear when the battery is inserted and then fade out with the LCD turning back to gray.

    I opened the back and looked at the board on the inside. It looks very good for its age: no corrosion from battery leakage or other oxidation.

    I'm wondering if someone out there has taken apart their Avocet 20 computer and could tell me if there's a way to get these working.

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    I have one of these and it still works. It was THE computer to have in the mid 1980's.

    I don't know enough about the details of these but I suspect somehow a component has failed. You can probably find a NOS or used one on EBay if it's important for you to have one of these.
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